Experience metric tools for designers

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There is a growing importance of designers understanding how to measure business metrics. This led myself and a colleague to think about how we might be able to measure customer experience in our product. We designed a Experience Metrics Canvas and led our product designers through how to implement this into their workflow.

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Through 20 interviews with N26 product designers and data scientist we were able to better understand where our team stands in their knowledge of how data impacts their design.

Long-Term Goal

The long-term goal is to create a learning atmosphere where data is a part of every designers toolkit. We want to understand how we might be able to set up research methods to measure the success of user experience within our product.


The UX Metrics Canvas

The Canvas was created to anticipate the wants and needs of our users and directly translate those needs into a quantitative, measuable metric. Does the product or feature work for them?
Do they gain value from it? Do they achieve their goals? Do they enjoy it?We often measure business goals but as designers we wanted to find a way to measure if a user is actually enjoying the expereince. 

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Creating and Running workshops

Our first workshop was a mix of Product Designers, POs and Data Scientists. My colleague and I decided that because we are teaching a method we should remove N26 and use companies that are outside our daily working environment. We decided to separate into teams of 3 and use Instagram, Spotify, Deliveroo and Lime Scooters as test cases. We gave each team a persona and user goal and helped them to come up with experience metrics.

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Overall we were very pleased with the outcome. Surprisingly we found that designers jumped to the quantitative methods faster than trying to understand the user lens component. The decision to use outside companies in various industries made for great dialogue throughout the share back session. 

The biggest challenge was to connect a human perspective and properly translate that into a measurable goal. This is not often done for user experience and we believe it is a skill that the more it is practiced it will become an easier part of a project set up.

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Next Steps

After our first workshop we took our learnings and expanded them to offer workshops to performance marketing and brand. 

We set up a Slack channel for communication and questions surrounding Data and Design and lastly, we implemented drop-in sessions with a Sr. Product Designer and a Data Scientist every two weeks for designers to come and discuss how to set up metrics early on in their projects.

Taryn Niesena

Taryn Niesena
Berlin, Germany

Taryn Niesena
Berlin, Germany